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Welcome to Manacheese™ –  A product SO unique, you won’t believe it exists!

The Manacheese™ story starts with our founder Professor Wentworth Brown. Dr. Brown found himself unsatisfied with the common bovine dairy products on the market. He set out on a quest to make the finest niche market dairy product available today. Experimenting first with otters, hedgehogs and giraffes, Dr. Brown had a revelation. “Despite being a water-dwelling creature, the manatee is a warm-blooded mammal. The manatee is often referred to as the ‘sea cow’ and a group of manatees is called a herd. AND mammals feed their young with milk!” It is due to this wonderful realization that we can now bring you a truly unique dairy product – MANACHEESE™!

Manacheese™ is a fine, soft cheese product, lovingly milked from our herd of docile creatures. The creamy milk is processed in our totally sterile dairy and packaged mechanically. No employees ever touch a speck of Manacheese™.

We think that if you try Manacheese™ you may enjoy its smooth, creamy texture with slight undertones of seaweed. Perhaps you’ll like it with crackers or paired with a sliced apple. Any way it’s served, it may be very tasty! Try some of our recipes and tell us how it tastes to you.

Manacheese™. Who knows? Maybe it’s delicious!